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FacialsAquaGold Fine Touch

AquaGold Fine Touch is a one-of-its-kind gold plated ultra-fine needle system for skin rejuvenation through enhanced delivery of micro-serums at a precise 600 micron skin depth. For mild skin imperfections, you need smaller than usual quantity of treatments to achieve natural looking results. AquaGold Fine Touch device gives us the capability to administer tiny volumes for smooth and even skin texture in a virtually painless manner.

With AquaGold, custom formulations are delivered at consistent skin depths over a relatively large surface area where a traditional injectable treatment cannot work. It will shrink enlarged pores with Baby Botox (micro Botox) and smooth skin and reduce acne scarring with micro-Restylane, micro-Juvederm or other micro hyaluronic gel treatments.

AquaGold Fine Touch also improves the efficacy of laser skin resurfacing by combining it with growth factor enriched micro serums. We can also help you attain a radiant skin complexion by delivering micro-pigmentation reducers using this hair-fine needle device. Micro-channeling treatments with AquaGold Fine Touch are most effectively used for skin enhancement in the face, neck, and décolletage.